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Prof. Dr. Jan-Peter Mund
Vorsitzender des Fachbereichsrates Wald und Umwelt (seit März 2011)
Head of the Faculty council (since March 2011)

Prof Jan-Peter Mund

   Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development 
   University of Applied Sciences
   Faculty of Forest and Environment 
   Alfred-Moeller-Str. 1 
   16225 Eberswalde, Germany   

   Tel. +49-(0)3334-657 189
   Fax +49-(0)3334-657 162

   E-mail: Jan-Peter.Mund(at)hnee.de
   URL: www.hnee.de/mund

   URL: www.hnee.de/fit

   Room: 11:317, Forest Campus, House 11

Topics and Focus:

Digital forest inventory using multispectral, photogrammetric and LiDAR point clouds

GeoServices — 4 — Sustainability - Erasmus Project (2016-2018)

GIS in Enviromental Management 2012-2014                                                 visit GIS'EM 2013 on facebook

More on Research


Master and Bachelor Thesis (including open topics)

e-lecture on GIS and hydrology at IWRM education (BGS, 2012)



Curriculum vitae

Topical News

Conferences and Seminars

Congratulation to HNEE students!

Two FIT students and one IFEM student have won the first prize at the ESA GSA Gallileo Hackahthon on location-based service at the Beuth Hochschule in Berlin. The GIS learners from HNEE showed that they acquired excellent coding skills. Well down!



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