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Recent conference and seminar news

Conferences 2017:

Intergeo, Berlin 26. - 28. September 2017

The exhibition covers Geoinformation 4.0 including innovative forms of capturing data — COPERNICUS, UAVs and other mobile procedures.

KWF Thementage: IT-Lösungen in der Forstwirtschaft, 27/28. September 2017 in Paaren/Glien

In addition to selected company presentations, IT applications and interfaces for a variety of forestry measures are demonstrated on a cross-country trail. Special events and special exhibitions complete the programme. The HNEE UAV research group presents its’ work in Paaren.

UAS Research Group-HNEE

Upcoming conferences:

GeoS4S International Summer School, Spring /summer 2018 in Eberswalde at HNEE

GI-Runde 2018 (Runder Tisch GIS e.V.): 7/8. March 2018

AGIT and GI-Forum in Salzburg 2018,Paper Submission Deadlines 01.02.2018

Interforst 2018: Messe München 18-22nd of July 2018

Intergeo 2018 Messe Frankfurt 16th — 18th October 2018