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Recent conference and seminar news

Conferences 2017:

GeoS4S International Summer School —22nd May to 2nd June, 2017 at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok Thailand

The summer school provides an excellent opportunity to the current students to acquire GIS knowledge and skills in addition to their regular curricula, in an international learning environment.

AGIT Salzburg 2017 — Motto: geospatial@online Creating GIS Society 5. - 7. July 2017;

The AGIT Symposium 2017 will focus on the latest technologies and fields of innovation in geoinformatics. With the motto geospatial @ online, the conference addresses a central topic area, which ultimately covers all fields of application of geoinformatics: Have we already managed the much-cited "digitization" in our industry and the move towards distributed GIS services

GI Forum Salzburg, Austria 2017 4.-7. July 2017

The GI_Forum 2017 provides a platform for dialogue among geospatial minds, creating an informed GeoInformation Society.

Intergeo, Berlin 26. - 28. September 2017

The exhibition covers Geoinformation 4.0 including innovative forms of capturing data — COPERNICUS, UAVs and other mobile procedures.

KWF Thementage: IT-Lösungen in der Forstwirtschaft, 27/28. September 2017 in Paaren/Glien

In addition to selected company presentations, IT applications and interfaces for a variety of forestry measures are demonstrated on a cross-country trail. Special events and special exhibitions complete the programme. The HNEE UAV research group presents its’ work in Paaren.

UAS Research Group-HNEE

Upcoming conferences:

GeoS4S International Summer School, Spring /summer 2018 in Eberswalde at HNEE

GI-Runde 2018 (Runder Tisch GIS e.V.): 7/8. March 2018

AGIT and GI-Forum in Salzburg 2018,Paper Submission Deadlines 01.02.2018

Interforst 2018: Messe München 18-22nd of July 2018

Intergeo 2018 Messe Frankfurt 16th — 18th October 2018













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