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Forest Information Technology M.Sc. Course



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Winter Term 2011 - 2012 (26.09.11 - 17.02.12)

 Course titel

Geographic Information Systems I

1st Semester 25.10.11 to 04.10.11 K.01.0124.Ü.PL

Remote Sensing 1

1st Semester 21.11.11 to 25.11.11 K.01.0123.Pj.PL

Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing in Forest Protection

3rd Semester

04.10.11 to 07.10.11 K.01.0154

Exkursion to INTERGEO 2011

3rd Semester 28.09.2011 application via email

additional study course Information 

FIT  curriculum                 PDF, 172 KB

FIT  goal matrix                PDF, 44 KB

FIT module handbook   PDF, 387 KB

overview of subjects and study places  PDF, 26 KB