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Sonstige Angebote 

Geography of Food Summer School

Please note: All Students no matter what study programme at HNEE can apply for this Summer School!

Dear Students,

In the summer 2018, the ZHAW’s Geography of Food research group in cooperation with FiBL and the Universities of Bangalore and Ljubljana is holding the second international summer school, open to students interested in environmental sciences and the food system. During the Geography of Food Summer School participants will learn how to develop new sustainable Food Value Chains (FVC) according to the UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development. The programme lasts from February until September and is organised into 3 phases: an online e-learning phase, a mini case study, and a 2-week study period. The e-learning lessons will be available from February 2018 onwards. During this time, the students will also realise their own small case study. The concluding study period will take place in Bangalore, India between September 3rd and 14th 2018. Please find attached a leaflet  2018_GoF_Summer_School_Information.pdf Further information as well as the application form can be found on our website: www.gof-summerschool.org

The registration deadline is 31st December 2017!