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Advantages of the Study Program

Innovative course content

  • training designed around the needs of companies and organisations
  • broad-based business education including the basics of business management as well as relevant and forward-looking major subjects ( these being courses you study in more depth and build on the basics)
  • students possess sought after core competencies
  • suitable for employment regionally and internationally

Optimum Learning Conditions

  • our professors make the time to be available for individual student supervision
  • pleasant, friendly and supportive learning atmosphere
  • ideal environment to launch into a career in business

No student fees

We ask no tuition fees for the program.

  • Fees come to € 197.50 per semester, this includes the public transport ticket covering Berlin and Brandenburg („semester ticket“).


The semester contribution is made up of (as of 01/2008):

  • the registration/re-registration fee (51.00 Euros)
  • student administration (50.00 Euros) and
  • the AStA contribution (8.00 Euros)
  • the semester ticket (88.50 Euros).

Proximity to Berlin

  • the university site is quite close to Berlin
  • with the train Berlin is only half an hour away

(last change: 15.06.2008 by Ulf Leusmann)