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Advantages of the Study Program

Marketoriented Competencies

Our students acquire a thorough understanding and knowledge in the core disciplines of strategic marketing management, service management and communication.

We place particular importance on customer and market-focussed business management.

We offer interesting special modules which give the students the opportunity to look in depth at management related issues.

Optimum study conditions

Experienced teaching staff coach the students in small groups. The number of students on the program is restricted to 25 a year. The university in Eberswalde is relatively compact and easy to find your way around. The students have ready access to the modern facilities that the university offers.

No Tuition Fees

We ask no tuition fees for the Marketing Management Program.

Fees come to € 197.50 per semester, this includes the public transport ticket covering Berlin and Brandenburg („semester ticket“) (situation as of: 01/2008)

The semester contribution is made up of:

  • the registration/re-registration fee (51.00 Euros)
  • student administration (50.00 Euros) and
  • the AStA contribution (8.00 Euros)
  • the semester ticket (88.50 Euros).

Proximity to Berlin

For students what also makes Eberswalde an attractive place to study is its proximity to the country's capital, Berlin. By train Berlin is only half an hour away.

Interesting and practice-orientated

The entire training is geared towards skills and knowledge that are relevant and can be applied in the „real world“. We work closely together with business.

The combination of traditional lectures, practice-oriented case studies, planning games, group work, presentations, and excursions make the course challenging, exciting and rewarding. It facilitates social development and interpersonal communication skills.

Compact Program

The Marketing Management Program is a compact, modular full-time course.

Students obtain their MA degree in 4 semesters, and complete the course with their thesis.

(last change: 15.06.2008 by Ulf Leusmann)