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Career Opportunities

Flexible managers

A wide spectrum of employment opportunities await students who successfully complete the Marketing Management program.

A training focussed on the key qualifications prepares our graduates or middle or senior management positions in marketing or business management.

Students receive a broad education in Marketing which gives them the flexibilty later, as they approach prospective employees, and does not limit their chances which specialisation can.

The business world needs marketing management trainees

Marketing is seen by businesses as something fundamental, it is not just a department within the company, but a crucial factor in how the business projects its image and is perceived by the public.

Small and medium-sized businesses increasingly understand this. They are aware of a shortage of marketing management trainees who possess the core knowledge and skills.

The study program „Marketing-Management" aims at meeting this demand, and training competent young marketing executives.

Study confirms the need

The results of a study carried out by the Research Institute for Small and Medium sized Businesses confirms the need for managers and executives:

45.6%of businesses asked reported they want to recruit managers in Marketing and Distribution. The reasons are above all the expansion of businesses and the replacement of ageing employees.

Another reason for the increasing demand for young marketing executives is the recognition by medium-sized businesses, that an investment in marketing is vital to keep and strengthen the competitive position of the company.



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