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Here you find answers to most of the most important questions relating to the Marketing Management program.


How and when can I apply?

Students with foreign degrees should send their application and documents to ASSIST e.V. ( www.uni-assist.de )!

ASSIST checks the documents and and sends them on to the University of Applied Science in Eberswalde.

Application period is from 1 June to 15 July.

Since you have to apply through ASSIST please calculate delays. We recommend you apply as early as possible.

How can I establish proof of my German language skills? (for foreign applicants)

Because the program is carried out mainly in German, applicants must prove their knowledge of the language. Certificates are:

  • Goethe Institut (C1)
  • TestDaF (4x4)
  • DSH (2)

This test must be included in the application material and can not be handed in at a later date.

Native German speakers require Abitur (German „A“- level) from a recognised German speaking school or the successful completion of an examination from a German speaking university or university of applied science. This would mean the student would not require a certificate to be admitted onto the course.

Where can I find information on whether degrees/final examinations from abroad are recognised here in Germany?

There is a data bank of information which compares degrees and final examinations from around the world www.anabin.de

Here you can select according to country, training institutes, types of institutions, types of degrees, final examinations and academic institutions.

How can I be sure I satisfy the admission's criteria?

Bachelor or Diploma in business related course of education or an equivalent qualification from a college within Germany or abroad.

For admission you need to have reached 180 ECTS points.

Applicants will only be considered if they can prove a college qualification with a grade of at least 2,5.

An average grade of 3 would be acceptable if the prospective student were to possess at least 18 months relevant work experience after they had completed their bachelor or diploma course.

Exact details are in § 5 Abs. 3 of the study regulations (only in German).

If you have any doubts, please contact us.

Can I apply holding a final exam from a Berufsakademie (Vocational Academy)?

Admission onto the Masters Program "Marketing-Management" can in principle only be granted to graduates with accredited study courses from a Berufsakademie (Vocational Academy) („Bachelor of Art“ und Bachelor of Science“ ) Graduates from Vocational Academies wishing to apply will be individually assessed. To carry out this assessment we need the applicant's certificate from the final examinations and the study and examination regulations relevant to their course of study.

Do I meet the admission requirements with a successfully completed preliminery diploma?

No, admission will only be considered for applicants who have completed a Bachelor or Diploma.

Can I work during my studies?

The Master Program"Marketing-Management" is a full-time course and not offered to anybody in employment.

Will students on the Marketing Management course be expected to pay tuition fees?

We ask no tuition fees for the Marketing Management Program.

Fees come to € 197.50 per semester, this includes the public transport ticket covering Berlin and Brandenburg („semester ticket“) (situation as of: 01/2008)

The semester contribution is made up of:

  • the registration/re-registration fee (51.00 Euros)
  • student administration (50.00 Euros) and
  • the AStA contribution (8.00 Euros)
  • the semester ticket(88.50 Euros).


Is there any information about living and studying in English?

The international office has a student guide.

You can find the Download on this page.

How can I find a flat or place in a hall of residence?

There are three halls of residence in Eberswalde in the Brandenburgischen Viertel, in Schwappachweg and in Bernauer Heerstraße. The hall of residence in the Brandenburgischen Viertel is outside the town centre, the other two are both quite central, the one in Bernauer Heerstraße was opened only 6 years ago. The student administration in Frankfurt (Oder)is responsible for the administration of the halls. Information about opening hours can be found on this internet site. The application for a place can be downloaded as a PDF document, there is also the possibility to apply online.

Living in Berlin and studying in Ederswalde: There is a train service every hour from Berlin Central Station to Eberswalde. The journey takes just over half an hour. The private rail company ODEG also runs a service with a train leaving every hour from Berlin Lichtenberg to Eberswalde.

What funding possibilities are available?

There is no funding given from University of Applied Siences Eberswalde.

Is studying with a family possible in Eberswalde?

The university here is very family friendly. We have a number of fathers and mothers who study here.

Kindergarten facilities are very good in Eberswalde, with a Waldkindergarten Group ( this is a „Forest Kindergarten, emphasis on exploring and understanding nature, going for nice walks in the forest etc.) called Kindergarten Sputnik, with preference for children from the university´.

The Kindergarten Sputnik is a 10 minute walk from the town centre campus.

To apply for a place write to Ms Gerike in Stadtverwaltung (town council) Eberswalde.

Stadtverwaltung Eberswalde
Frau Gerike
Breite Str. 41-44
16225 Eberswalde

In the university Ms Vera Clauder is available to answer any questions students with children may have.

Do you have further questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.

More information for international students:

International office


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