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Career and Business Counselling

The successful passage from the university into the world of business is dependant upon a number of factors. In close cooperation with university internal and external partners, the University of Applied Sciences in Eberswalde will increase the services it offers to help secure the employability of its graduates and to reach the following goals:

  • Securing an adequate number of specialists and knowledge transfer in university relevant fields of competency

  • Uncovering new employment opportunities for graduates

  • Acquisition and mediation of apprenticeships, working and training positions with the aid of direct counselling and a university specific database; participation in the project “Job-Portal of Berlin Universities”

  • Construction of a Centre for Start-Ups

  • Organisation of profession-specific training and coaching (key qualifications and skills)

  • Individual career counselling and aid in creating resumes and job applications with additional job-interview training and counselling

  • Initiating and supporting networking to facilitate the contact between students, potential employers and organisations; developing and maintaining an alumni management database, conducting forums, workshops and contact networks

The result should be a combination of individual counselling, supporting services and networking activities and strategies.





  Career and Business Counselling














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