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 Centre for Start-Ups

The University of Applied Sciences in Eberswalde is interested in cultivating an entrepreneurial climate. It is one of the very few universities that (since autumn 2004) has had a professorship specifically dedicated to entrepreneurialism. Its goal is to awaken the interest of the students, at the beginning of their studies, in the subjects of starting a business and formulating a mature business plan; it also supports them as they launch their own businesses.

The subject of starting a business has been added to the courses of all programmes. In the winter semester, 2005-2006, the first interdisciplinary seminar was conducted with immense success; in it, future business managers counselled students from other faculties on how to create a business plan and how to judge its strengths and weaknesses. Beyond simple knowledge transfer, the goal of the seminar was to stimulate entrepreneurial thought and the creation of initial networks with businesses.

Within the framework of the goals agreed upon with the Ministry for Science, Research and Culture, from 2007-2009 an Entrepreneurial Centre will be constructed at the University of Applied Sciences in Eberswalde under the direction of Professor Hans-Peter Benedikt, Vice President for Studies and Teaching.

Other counselling services for those graduates and university members interested in starting a business are offered by the Technology and Innovation Consulting Office (TIB) at the university. It also participates in the expert roundtable discussions entitled “Support for innovative business ideas at Universities”. The Centre for Start-Ups (a continuation of structures that have existed since 2003), in cooperation with TIB, will be revived and institutionally anchored at the university.






















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