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How to become a scholarship holder


About the "Deutschland-stipendium"

The "Deutschlandstipendium" scholarship supports young, talented scholars at the HNE Eberswalde. The scholarship holder receives 300 € per month, in total 3,600 € annually. This amount is half paid by the federal government of Germany, the other half is raised by the HNE Eberswalde from private donors/companies. The scholarship is provided at the beginning of each winter semester for two semester and only within the standard period of study. The scholarship is independent of personal means.


Who is eligible to apply

HNEE students are eligible to apply for a Deutschlandstipendium if they demonstrate very good accomplishments in secondary school or university, social commitment or successful mastery of biographical hurdles. Students who already receive material support in respect of special talents from a public or publically supported institution in Germany or another country and in an amount of more than 30 euros per month are excluded from the application procedure.

For more information please note the Statute of the HNEE Germany scholarship (German).

How can I apply

The HNE Eberswalde awards the scholarships every year for the start of the winter semester.

Application deadline for the funding period 2018/19:

HNEE students: 04.06.2018 - 22.06.2018

Freshmen: 13.08.2018 - 24.08.2018

The call and more information about the application process will be published here soon.

    How will applicants be selected

    First of all documents of application must be complete and will be registered by the coordinator. The ranking is formed by given criteria and present evidences which are ranked by a certain scoring system. The selection committee (formed by lecturers and professors of the HNEE) decides about the final approval and can consider the proposals by the individual faculties. Applicants will receive an acceptance or rejection by middle of October at the latest.


    How many scholarships

    The amount of the annual assigned scholarships is due to the national proportion of funds which is determined by the BMBF (Federal ministry of Education and Science). In 2014 41 scholarships were assigned at the HNE Eberswalde. The overall distribution of the scholarships which are available is according to the number of graduates of the previous year within the individual faculties.

    As an example see the distribution of scholarship of the funding period 2014/2015 (41 scholarships in total):
    Department Forest and Environment: 9 scholarships, Department Landscape Management and Nature Conservation: 17 scholarships, Department Wood Science and Technology: 3 scholarships, Department Sustainable Business: 12 scholarships


    Stefanie Lüdicke
    Schicklerstraße 5
    16225 Eberswalde

    Phone (0 33 34) 657-180
    Email deutschlandstipendium@hnee.de

    More information

    You can also find more information about Deutschlandstipendium scholarship programme on the website of the Federal Ministry for education and research (German).