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Language Partnerships

Are there better ways to lern a language then through conversations with native speakers? The language partnership platform www.hnee.de/sprachtandem offers the opportunity to get to know people who want to learn a language. You can contact each other via email and arrange meetings afterwards.

The language partnership platform is open for everyone - you don't have to study at the HNEE.

The language partnership platform just opened on December 8th, 2016. It might take a while until it is known.

How to Use the Platform

You can look at the ads from others by visiting www.hnee.de/sprachtandem.

To place a new ad, click "New entry". Now you can write the text of your ad. On the right side, you can set the duration of your ad - maximum are three months. There you can also enter your name and you emailadress. Telephone number and adress are not necessary.

Finally you have to choose a password. This allows you to edit or delete your ad later.

Tipp: It could make sense to write your ad in multiple languages.

Editing or deleting the Ad

To edit or delete your ad, click on "change / delete" below your text. Then you can edit your text. Your changes become effective after entering your password and the "change" or "delete" button.

If you have questions or problems please contact Jonas Freudenberg.