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Curriculum Vitae





PhD researcher, Georg-August-University Göttingen 

Thesis: Combining remote sensing data at different spatial, temporal and spectral resolutions to characterise semi-natural grassland habitats for large herbivores in a heterogeneous landscape

Research assistant, University College Cork

Project: Mapping Land Cover in Lowlands and Uplands with Satellite Imagery – TaLAM

M.Sc. Geographical Science – Environmental Hydrology, Freie Universität Berlin

Thesis: Land cover pattern in a sub-catchment of the Voi River, Kenya, from remote sensing and field data – A comparison of pixel- and object-based classification methods

B.Sc. Georesources Management , RWTH Aachen

Thesis: Wildbäche und Muren in den Hochgebirgsregionen der Alpen: Größenordnung, Verbaumaßnahmen und ökologische Konzepte