Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Research   -  Prof. Dr. J.-P. Mund

Current research focus:

The focus of the research lies on the innovative application of geostatistics and current methods of satellite and drone-supported earth observation. Two research fields are at the forefront:

  • Temporal spatial analysis of landscape changes using innovative Geo-IT
  • Digital forest inventory using multispectral, photogrammetric and LiDAR point clouds


The temporal spatial analysis of landscape changes uses innovative Geo -IT, for example for the analysis of  surface sealing barometers and landscape structure measurements. On the basis of the satellite image data, UAS (unmanned arial system) data and existing geodata information systems, the existing landscape structure is examined at the regional level on the average, landscape ecological scale. The key questions here are, for example, the dimensions and quality of the fragmentation of landscape-ecological structural units. Such quantitative analysis assesses the change of structural landscape elements in relation to ecological processes, especially species richness and biodiversity.

The second research focus lies on digital forestry using multispectral, photogrammetric and LiDAR point clouds. For rangers and forest owners, drones and UAS (unmanned arial system) -based aerial images are gaining importance to assess forest resource attributes. The recording of UAS-based aerial images with the aim of producing photogrammetric point clouds is indeed cost-effective, but is not without challenges. The aim of the ongoing research at the HNEE is to explore the process of UAV-based aerial photography in order to make use of photogrammetric point clouds in the digital forest inventory in the future.


Concluded research projects:


Automated Stereoscopic Forest Navigation

Erasmus Intensive Programme on GIS in Environmental Management
in cooperation with 
North Karelia University of Applied Sciences;
Technological Educational Institute of Athens,
Hedmark University College,
The Faculty of Forestry and Wildlife Management, Evenstad Norway


South East Asian Network of Excellence (on higher Education) for Sustainable Bamboo production and Adaptive Land Management measures for safeguarding regional forest environments (biodiversity) in

Viet Nam P.R., Lao P.D.R. and the Kingdom of Cambodia

Mangrove Protection in the Mekong Delta, Soc Trang Province, Viet Nam

Innovationsnetzwerk  Holzlogistik 

Baltic Timber wood logistics

Biomass - potential of water hyacinths on the lake Victoria, Kenya


GIS Capacity Devleopment for water issues

Remote Sensing capacity development

Cooperation partners

DLR Adlershof

EU - ERA ,

Erasmus - Lifelong Learning


Holztechnik HNEE

Prof. Dr. Alexander Pfriem,


GIZ Viet Nam

TFH Wildau

TFH  Wildau , BMBF

Prof. D. Murach

Prof. S. Rieger

UN- Water