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Objects and Dynamics: Global Systems Analysis

Module description

(with Prof. Dr. Pierre Ibisch, Prof. Dr. Manfred Stock (PIK), Prof. Dr. Klaus G√ľnther-Dieng, Prof. Dr. Andreas Linde, Prof. Dr. Hartmut Ihne, Prof. Dr. Andreas Bolte et al. (vTI), Rosemarie Benndorf)

This module provides the scientific fundamentals of global change including an overview of objects and dynamics relevant to global change processes. By analysing the interaction of nested natural and social systems, the students will comprehend the dynamic nature and specific characteristics of complex systems such as synergies, feedback loops, time delays and discontinuities. The examplary across-scale analysis of global systems and their components integrates various scientific disciplines from natural to social sciences. The module is covering the following main topics:

  • Principles of global change and Global Change Management from a perspective of system theory (Pierre Ibisch)
  • Physical fundamentals and Earth system analysis across scales (Manfred Stock)
  • Exemplary analysis of biological and ecological systems (Andreas Linde et al.)
  • Anthroposystem (social-ecological systems analysis, simulation modelling, actors and their interactions, development theories, economic   systems and trade, law & legal frameworks) (Martin Welp et al.)