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Diversity, taxonomy, biogeography and evolution of the genus Fosterella (Bromeliaceae)

Systematics and phylogeny of Fosterella (Bromeliaceae)
Fosterella species are mesophytic terrestrial herbs distributed across Central South America, with a centre of diversity in arid and semi-humid habitats of Bolivia. Thirteen Fosterella species have been recognized in the most recent monography of the whole bromeliad family by Smith and Downs (1974-1977) in the Flora Neotropica. Numerous new taxa have been discovered since then, raising the actual number of described Fosterella species to 30. Most species are rare and restricted to certain habitats, thus additional species may await their discovery.
Whereas the monophyly of the genus is generally accepted, essentially nothing is known about phylogenetic relationships within the genus. We have initiated a comprehensive systematic analysis of Fosterella, based on traditional as well as molecular characters. Our final aim is a full taxonomic revision of the genus. Molecular data sets comprise genetic fingerprint profiles (e.g., AFLP markers) and chloroplast DNA sequences. Our investigation shall contribute to a better understanding of (1) the systematics and phylogeny of Fosterella and its position within the Bromeliaceae, (2) the biogeography of Fosterella and the long_term dispersal of Bromeliaceae from the Guayana Shield to the Andes, and (3) speciation processes in the Andine valleys of Bolivia.
Fosterella; Bromeliaceae; molecular systematics; phylogeny; AFLP; RAPD; chloroplast DNA, taxonomic revision, international
Running time: 1 / 2002 -- 5 / 2007
External Funding:
  • Dr. Roberto Vasquez, Sociedad Boliviana de Botanica, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • Prof. Dr. Georg Zizka,, Abt. Botanik und PalĂ€obotanik, Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg, Frankfurt http://www.senckenberg.de
  • Prof. Dr. Kurt Weising, Plant Molecular Systematics, Dept. of Sciences, University of Kassel, University of Kassel
  • http://www.uni-kassel.de/fb19/botany (leader of project consortium)
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