Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Student Research Projects 2011

Project Presentations Summer Semester 2011

Presenter / Title of Research Topic


Julius Abongwa:

"Development of a prototype database to store bird monitoring data on agricultural areas in Germany"

open/download (PDF, 2.470 KB)

Stephen Boahen Asabere:

"Choosing appropriate methodology for terrestrial carbon intensity estimation in Ghana"

open/download (PDF, 1.807 KB)

Juan Jose GalvĂĄn Escacena:

"Urban forests, the great unknown. The case of Tiergarten in Berlin, Germany"

open/download (PDF, 2.393 KB)

Martin Fimiarz:

"Influence of anthropogenic factor and topography on forest fires on example of Brandenburg and northern Portugal"

open/download  (PDF, 3.914 KB )

Henrik Plesse:

"Creating a GIS based learning tool for the Facukty of Forest and Environment at the HNE Eberswalde. Part 1: Geographic tasks"

open/download  (PDF, 979 KB )

Julia Sauermann:

"Forest Connectivity in Brandenburg / Project region INKA BB"

open/download  (PDF, 3.516 KB )

Marina Schirrmacher:

"Landscape structure analysis - Lech valley (Austria)"

open/download  (PDF, 9.268 KB )

Georg Singelnstein:

"Creating a GIS based learning tool for the Faculty of Forest and Environment at the HNE Eberswalde. Part 2: Database related tasks"

open/download  (PDF, 363 KB )

Felix Tiebel:

"Red deer and hunting. Analysis and visualization of GPS data collected during hunt"

open/download  (PDF, 3.099 KB )