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Student Research Projects 2013

Project Presentations Summer Semester 2013

Presenter / Title of Research Topic



Belinda Freiheit:

"Detecting forest degradation with multi-spectral, seasonal and multi-temporal classification trees in North Central Vietnam"

open/download (PDF, 4.465 KB)

Nicolass Hess:

"Forest Information Systems: Framework of a Mobile Web Application for Pine Pest identification"

open/download (PDF, 2.745 KB)

Rea Schneider:

"Multispectral Classification of Landsat (TM) Imagery to produce an Initial Land Use and Land Cover Map for a Biosphere Reserve Purpose of the Lake Tana Region, Ethiopia"

open/download (PDF,  1.920 KB)

Michel Lanz:

"Vehicle detection in aerial Lidar point clouds"

open/download  (PDF, 1.137 KB )

Daniel Glas:

"Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) of short-rotation plantations(SRP) for the determination of above-ground biomass (AGB)"

open/download  (PDF, 1.591 KB)

Sabrina Pierschkalla:

"Analysis of primary forest development in forest stands in southern China under the project Lin2Value - edit of selected departments and inclusion of GPS coordinates for the creation of a 3D model"

open/download  (PDF, 1.562 KB )

Patry Waraksa:

"LiDAR data pre-processing for Ghanaian forests biomass estimation"

open/download  (PDF, 2.694 KB )

Magdalena Niedzialkowska:

"Landscape Structure Changes Analysis of the Kalisko Range Area in the Kampinos National Park"

open/download  (PDF, 3.897 KB )

Leopold Lesko:

"Analysis of urban sprawl phenomenon. Detection of city growth based on spatiotemporal analysis and landscape metrics"

open/download  (PDF, 1.227 KB)

Friederike Borges:

"Process analyses of game damage survey in the field of behavioural research"

open/download  (PDF, 1.091 KB )

Beata Mroz:

 "Assessment of the long-term compositional and structural stability of Carpinetum community in the Białowieża Primeval Forest based on historical and present-day data"

open/download  (PDF, 1.047 KB )

Anna Sharton:

"Creation of distribution maps of main mass and rare macroalgae species in coastal waters of South-Eastern Baltic Sea"

open/download  (PDF, 2.019 KB )

Frank Schneider:

"Geodata research on former military training area Kyritz-Ruppiner-Heide"

open/download  (PDF,  1.193 KB )

Robert Wilke: "Development of a forest stand top-height model for Airborne Laserscanning Data (ALS)"

open/download  (PDF, 318 KB )

Paulina Klysik:

"E-learning and its possibilities of use in Polish State Forests"

open/download  (PDF, 818 KB )

Mehrdad Nezamdoost:

"Visualization of Climate data in R"

open/download  (PDF, 748 KB )

Michael Onyenma:

"Local Police Records System in Nigeria (Standalone Prototype)"

open/download  (PDF, 2.566 KB)

Tom Thiele:

"Analysis and improvement of a Pre-Harvest Inventory Design using GIS"

open/download  (PDF, 1.979 KB )

Nils Freudenthal:

"The Emissions of CO2 in an Energy Wood Plantation Compared to Grassland — a Statistical Analysis"

open/download  (PDF, 2.364 KB )

Lea Henning:

"Forest vitality measurement in Remote Sensing"

open/download  (PDF, 805 KB )