Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde


Ensuring that our future Global Change Managers get a hands-on education, we cooperate with internationally renowned research institutes as well as business and NGO partners. All Partners offer specially tailored modules to GCM students.


Germanwatch is an independent development and environment organization aiming for a sustainable and common development for both, north and south.

“We strive for north-south-justice and the preservation of the basic needs. Global change means an increase of already existing problems and conflicts. The dimension of development policy will determine whether we will be able to face this change with all its consequences.”
Dr. Gerold Kier, Administrative manager of Germanwatch e.V.


GIZ is a worldwide operating company in the international cooperation for lasting development.

“It is important to the GIZ that The University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde has introduced this new study programme. Cliamate change is one of the great challenges for international cooperation. For our ability to contribute to sustainable development it is important to have innovative and competent partners in science and education.”

Deutsche Gesellschaft fĂŒr internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)


Munich Re is the second largest reinsurance company worldwide and played an active role in the international climate debate since the seventies.
“To Munich Re, cooperation with scientific institutions is an important tool for extending our leading position in using the latest results of research in the field of risk-assessment. The transfer of knowledge is no one-way-track from university to economy.

Ernst Rauch, Munich Re


NABU is a german non government organisation (NGO) that aims for the preservation of nature within Germany and abroad.
“For the management of changes in environment, such as the climate-change we badly need hands-on educated experts. Besides the knowledge of the topical and political backgrounds, the knowing about practical instruments for solving problems in society is extremely important. The new study programme excellently provides this combination.”
Jörg-Andreas KrĂŒger, Naturschutzbund e.V., Head of Department of Nature Conservation and environment-policy


PIK does research in the fields of sustainable development, global change and climate effects important for society.
“Global change is especially influenced through climate-change and needs two parallel strategies of management. Those are characterized as follows: to avoid the uncontrollable and to control the unavoidable.”

Prof. Dr. Manfred Stock, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)


"Today, global change is one of our major challenges. Thus, GCM teaching and training in managing climate change impact, land use change, pollution effects, and over-exploitation of resources is urgently needed and highly welcomed. The extensive research activities of the  ThĂŒnen Institute on global change effects and adaptive management strategies provide a perfect basis for a fruitful co-operation and joint activities."

Prof. Dr. Andreas Bolte, Head of ThĂŒnen Institute for Forest Ecology and Forest Inventory.