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Student Research Projects 2008

Project Presentations Summer Semester 2008

Presenter / Title of Research Topic


Alexander Arpaci:

"Conceptual Study for Cycle Track Visualizations in Brandenburg"

open/download (PDF, 3.743 KB)

Elisabeth Dresen:

"The Potential Use Of Open Source GI Software in Education"

open/download (PDF, 613 KB)
Nicolas Fiola: "Program for the Calculation of Crown Projection Areas" open/download (PDF, 1.098 KB)

Alam M. Monirul:

"Monitoring of Forest Cover Change in Sundarban Mangrove Forest using Remote Sensing and GIS"

open/download  (PDF, 2.518 KB )

Forba Innocent Nsorfon:

"Identification of Trends in Land Use/Land Cover Changes in the Mount Cameroon Forest Region"

open/download  (PDF, 179 KB )

Divyangkumar M. Trivedi:

"Web Mapping Using ArcGIS Server 9.2"

open/download  (PDF, 2.177 KB)

Juan Felipe Villegas:

"A Comparison of Three Different Classification Methods Based on High Resolution Satellite Images to Find an Appropriate Methodology to be Applied on a Large Area"

open/download (PDF, 2.984 KB)

Jakob Weiss:

"Sensitivity Analysis of the Model BIOME-BGC Conducted on Ecological Forest State Control Sites (ÖWK) in Brandeburg"

open/download (PDF, 1.191 KB)

Sebastian Junge:

"Remote Sensing towards Transboundary Conservation of Natural Resources"

open/download (PDF, 643 KB)

Alexander Marks:

"Cartography and Visualization - Touristic Cycling Infrastructure of Montenegro and Albania"

open/download (PDF, 8.128 KB)

Henning Wehebrink:

"Impact Assessment of Browsing Game Species on the Basis of Systematic Sampling"

open/download  (PDF, 1.449 KB)