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Student Research Projects 2014

Project Presentations Summer Semester 2007

Presenter / Title of Research Topic



Konstantin Barth:

"Integration and evaluation of a workflow for using online available WMS maps in an offline environment with the open source tool 'wms2GO'"

open/download (PDF, 500 KB)

Nata Davitaia:

"Description of the Requirements for Fresh Vegetables and Fruit Quality, Safety and Production Processes in International Markets"

open/download (PDF, 431 KB)

Haider Faheem:

"Navigation System for Timber/Biomass


open/download (PDF, 1.670 KB)

Elisa Gurske:

"The development of land use in protected areas - with a particular focus on formerly protected areas "

open/download (PDF, 1.092 KB)

Mehedi Hasan:

"Designing User Interface for Biome-BGC Model (Version-ZALF)"


open/download (PDF, 3.661 KB)

Monika Hoffmann:

"Towards a global map of Roadless Areas"

open/download (PDF, 2.859 KB)

Josefine HĂŒhnert:

"Establishment of a Water Hyacinth prediction model in ERDAS Imagine software based on Landsat satellite imagery and a semi-automated spectral classification processor for the Lake Victoria"

open/download (PDF, 500 KB)

Majid Jalili:

" High Performance WMS with Virtualization"

open/download (PDF, 2.372 KB)

Fabian Kantner:

"Influence of skid trail orientation on canopy closure — Analysis of LiDaR data in Pinus sylvestris stands"

open/download (PDF, 6.968)

Nikolai Knapp:

"Using Forest Growth Simulations to Assess Potential LiDAR Remote Sensing Proxies for Rainforest Biomass Estimations"

open/download (PDF, 2.862 KB)

Isaac Kyere:

"Land cover change and landscape fragmentation around a protected forest area in Southwest Ghana"

open/download (PDF, 2.104 KB)

Johannes May:

"Storm damage detection in western NorwayÂŽs spruce forests using a Landsat times series and change detection"

open/download (PDF, 4.667 KB)

Andre Parplies:

"Derivation of phenometrics from high resolution RapidEye imagery of semi-arid grasslands in South Africa"

open/download (PDF, 3.164 KB)

Martin Spitzer:

"Database and Database Application Programming in MS Access"

open/download (PDF, 207 KB)

Valentin Stefan:

"Biomass functions applicable to seedlings and saplings of European beech (Fagus sylvatica, L.), Norway spruce (Picea abies, L., Karst.) and Silver fir (Abies alba, Mill.) from stands in Southern Germany"

open/download (PDF, 6.060 KB)

Amelie Wienecke:

"Digital Image Processing an the use of Geographic Information Systems for the creation of an Urban Greenery Cadaster"

open/download (PDF, 4.494 KB)