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Project KlimTechTour - Promotion of environmentally and climate-friendly technologies among Brandenburg’s boat tourism businesses

 Project period: October 2010 — November 2011

Climate change presents new risks and opportunities to Brandenburg’s tourism industry. Rising temperatures as well as the deteriorating climatic conditions in other destinations might increase the demand for outdoor activities in the region. But a rising number of day trippers and holiday makers is likely to exert even more pressure on sensitive habitats, especially on freshwater ecosystems. A decline in water levels will become a further challenge for water-based tourism on many inland waterways in Brandenburg.

The boat building industry has already developed shallow-draft boats and ships that allow cruising on shallow waterways producing less wave action. Solar boats, the use of biofuels or low emission hybrid technologies are further options that could be employed.

The aim of the research project is to raise awareness among boat tourism businesses and link them with the developers and producers of new technologies. This will improve climate and water protection in Brandenburg’s tourism industry and strengthen the regional marketfor local boat technology providers. Finally - in cooperation with public stakeholders - the project will also assess how the use of alternative technologies in boat tourism might be supported by new regulations or suitable infrastructure (e.g. a network of solar boat charging stations along selected waterways).

The project is funded by grants from the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of Brandenburg.

Download Project Information: KlimTechTour_En.pdf

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