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IT Service Center (ITSZ)

Welcome to our service area

We provide you with the latest news about the computing facilities at the Hochschule. Just click through the left menu.

The IT Service Center was founded in 1996 as a central institution of our University to coordinate all nessesary IT-related work which increased over time. The IT Service Center is in German: IT-Servicezentrum with the abbreviated as ITSZ. We are directly responsible to the President of the Hochschule.

At this time our staff consists of 8 people. We cover all 3 major locations: the Waldcampus, the Stadtcampus and the Botanical Garden Office Complex, with all IT-related work. Which are in detail:

  • provide and operate a powerful IT- and Communication Intrastructure
  • provide a standardized software configuration for the University
  • prepare and support of standard software
  • organize the Internet presentation
  • help and consultation for buying hard- and software
  • operate central servers and computer labs
  • assist users with computer usage (network, Internet, standard software)
(last change: 28.11.2014 by Steffen Lorenz)