Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

University Library

Logo LibraryFounded already in 1830 as the library of the Academy of Forestry, the university library has a wide and valuable collection of old works, making it, both culturally and scientifically, an especially valuable facility in Europe. The prominent new structure of the central library in the centre of the city of Eberswalde was awarded the Brandenburg Architecture Prize in 1999. A departmental library focusing on the subject of Forest Economics and Wood Technologies is located in a building of the Faculty of Forestry at the Forest Campus.

Among the major fields of the collection are: forestry, wood technologies and economics, as well as landscape usage and environmental protection.

In addition, publications related to the fields of hunting, botany, soil studies, agriculture, ecology, ornithology, regional studies, tourism, marketing, environmental protection and economics are collected here. In the collections pertaining to forestry and hunting as well as ornithology there is a considerable number of old works of historical value.



There is a broad range of research and information services: electronic catalogue research facilities (OPAC), research in subject specific databases (RSW-Lit, Treecabweb), the use of complete text digital journals, on-line research in external literature databases, and internet research.

An introduction to research materials is offered by the personnel of the library. Reference works, lexica, legal texts, DIN-norms and card catalogues are at the disposal of the students. Material that is not available in the university library can be ordered through inter-library loan or through documentation delivery services.


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