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Development of a continuous process for the production of carbonized surfaces on wood products using contact heating elements - PyroConti

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Short description

The aim of the PyroConti project is to industrialise the process of surface pyrolysis.

This means that the heat treatment is to take place in a continuous flow process. In addition, a façade system with partially pyrolysed surfaces is to be developed using the specially developed process. This means that the treated wood is better protected from the weather and has different colour shades depending on the degree of pyrolysis - but without using additional, potentially harmful colours.

To ensure that the protective effect of surface pyrolysis is maintained for as long as possible, the final step involves testing surface coatings that can stabilise the pyrolysed layer and increase weather protection, but without adding environmentally harmful properties to the end product.

Furthermore, it is being investigated whether the pyrolysed layer, in combination with a stabilising silicate-based surface treatment, brings improvements in fire protection.

This could significantly expand the range of applications for wood as a raw material.

Research project partners

Logo Mendel

Mendel-University, Brno, Czech Republic

logo matrix

Matrix-Wood, Rychnov nad Kněžnou, Czech Republic

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Möhringer Anlagenbau GmbH, Wiesentheid, Germany


Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) via Central Innovation Programme for SME (ZIM)

Funding code / Project number: KK5003501AT0

Duration: 01.10.2020 bis 31.03.2023

Funded by

Logo BmWi logo_zim_screenIraSME - cooperative research between small and medium enterprises

Head of project

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Pfriem (Alexander.Pfriem@hnee.de)

contact persons

Lothar Clauder M.Sc. (Lothar.Clauder@hnee.de)

Lucas Lütje-Fournet B.Eng. (Lucas.Luetje@hnee.de)