Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Preparation courses

Preparation courses at Eberswalde University of Sustainable Development (HNEE)

To start optimally in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at the HNEE, the faculties and the University Library offer preparation courses in various fields and for computer programmes. Participation is voluntary but helpful and recommended to be prepared for the lectures.

For more information see www.hnee.de/preparation.

Preparation course "Successful entry of study for international students"

All students of the universities in Brandenburg (including the HNE Eberswalde) have the option to join a free study preparation course at Potsdam University.

This programme will help you, getting helpful basic skills for studying in Germany. It aims to prepare you optimally for a successful study start in Germany.The content of the courses depends on your current skills and includes:

  • Tips and tricks for learning vocabulary, for efficient reading, listening and making notes
  • Planning and holding a conversation - training of questioning
  • Basics of academic work

  • Basics of technical language

  • Oral and written presentation of results

  • Planning and reflecting learning processes

  • Repetition and communication of concrete mathematical problems (logic, algebra, analysis etc.)
  • Solving mathematical problems with the help of relevant literature, explanation
    of approaches

Notion: the courses will be hold in German, we recommend a B2 language level in German.

More information

If you are interested to join in the course please contact Yvonne Blotny from International Office(yvonne.blotny@hnee.de).