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Conditions of eligibility for a scholarship

What requirements must an ERASMUS+ student meet to receive the scholarship?


must be nationals of the ERASMUS+ programme countries or

must be from non-EU countries and complete their entire study at a German University

Bachelor students: must have at least one completed academic year before a stay of abroad

Master students: Promotion from the 1st semester possible

Module choice must correspond to the field of study at the home university curriculum and the Bachelor examination regulations (SPO)

Language certificate according to the language requirements of the partner university.

The ERASMUS-quota of 12 months has not been used in the current study cycle (Bachelor, Master, PhD).

There must be a general ERASMUS+ cooperation between the EUSD and the university abroad.

What is an ERASMUS + time quota?

Students have the opportunity, to obtain an ERASMUS + promotion for each and a maximum 12 months per cycle(i.e. per Bachelor and master pro).

For further explanations:

ERASMUS+ (study or internship) can be funded with a maximum total length of 12 months of funding to 30 delivery days (360 support days per year).

I.e., that 12 months of funding in the first cycle (Bachelor or equivalent) and 12 months of funding in the second cycle (master or equivalent) can be funded.

The duration of graduate internships (= training upon completion of the Bachelor's or Master's programme) is the ERASMUS+ time quota of the previous phase drawn down or is the maximum possible ERASMUS+ duration of the previous cycle in advance to reserve.

Additional funding opportunities

Support abroad with BAföG

All important information about the foreign BAföG can be found on the pages of the Federal Ministry for education and research.



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