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Semester ticket

The AStA has concluded a semester ticket contract with the Berlin-Brandenburg Transport Association (VBB) on behalf of the student body (resolution of 3.5.2006 at the student assembly). According to the contract, all students of the HNEE are obliged to purchase a semester ticket, in return for which the ticket is particularly cheap. Individual students who cannot use the service are excluded from the contract and the AStA supports students who cannot pay for the semester ticket via a hardship fund. Thanks to an additional "Klimaeuro", the semester ticket will be climate neutral from the winter semester 2017/2018. You can find out exactly what this means in the Klimaeuro section. A FAQ about the Semesterticket as well as information about the negotiations about a price increase can be found on the left under "Semesterticket".

The semester ticket is integrated into the Eberswalder GreenCard student identity card. The fee for the semester ticket is charged by the Student Services Department and is already included in the semester fee.

Scope of the ticket

The semester ticket is valid for one semester at a time and entitles the holder to any number of journeys within the Berlin-Brandenburg tariff zone. The right to travel is not transferable and extends to the transport services offered by the companies applying the federation tariff in the federation tariff area. Excluded are the special and excursion lines. In the area of rail passenger transport, the travel authorisation is only valid for local rail passenger transport. These are all offers where VBB tickets are recognised. The semester ticket does not include any surcharges and supplements and does not entitle to take a bicycle with you.

Loss of the semester ticket

A second issuance can be applied for informally at the Department of Student Services of the HNE Eberswalde, stating the reason for the second issuance.30.00 Euros must be paid for the second issuance of the student ID card at the cashier's office of the HNE Eberswalde in accordance with the fee schedule of the HNE Eberswalde.


Starting in the winter semester 2017/2018, student emissions resulting from the use of public transport will be compensated through a cooperation with Ivakale e.V. This means that you can travel "CO2-neutral" by public transport. The university, the VBB and the student body each pay about one third of the costs for these compensations. For students, this is the so-called "Klimaeuro", which is charged together with the semester ticket fees.

Repayment/partial refund of the semester ticket

According to the VBB semester ticket contract, students of the HNEE are entitled to apply for a refund of the semester ticket fee for one semester if they cannot use the (transport) service. If the students concerned make use of this possibility and the AStA approves the application, the right to travel will naturally expire for the corresponding semester or, in the case of partial reimbursement, for the corresponding period.

Please remember to submit the application for reimbursement/partial reimbursement to the Student Services Department (Building 5, ground floor) in good time!

Reasons for exemption

for full refund

  • Severely disabled persons and students whose disability makes it impossible to use public transport
  • Students in compulsory work placements (outside the VBB tariff area)
  • Students in a semester abroad (outside the tariff area of the VBB)
  • Students who are staying outside the VBB's collective bargaining area because of a thesis
  • Students on holiday semester
  • Students who are simultaneously enrolled at another university and therefore already have a ticket

pratial refund

  • Enrolment delayed by at least one month
  • Exmatriculation in the current semester
  • Late leave of absence
  • serious illness, in so far as this would entitle the holder to be granted leave

Attention: The partial refund is only granted for full months. (Example: You will be exmatriculated on 18 June of the summer semester. The refund can then only be granted for July and August).

no refunds

  • when moving from Eberswalde
  • if the thesis is voluntarily not written in the vicinity of the place of study or
  • if none of the listed reasons for a refund applies

Required documents and submission

If you are still using your Green Card in the current semester and would like to apply for a refund for the coming semester, it is also possible to initially hand in your documents without a Green Card. If the application is then approved by us, you must hand in your card to the Student Services Department so that they can delete your travel authorisation for the semester you have applied for on your ticket. You will then receive your Green Card back. Only then will the corresponding amount be refunded.

The AStA is supported by the Student Services Department in processing the applications. Therefore, you have to hand in the documents to the Student Service Department (NOT to the AStA!).*

Submission deadline

The documents should be submitted in good time before the beginning of the semester or period for which an exemption is applied for (at least 2 weeks before, better 4 weeks or more). If the Green Card is submitted late, only part of the semester ticket fee will be refunded because the ticket could still have been used in the corresponding semester or period.

* However, we would like to point out at this point that the applications are ultimately approved or rejected by the AStA. If you have any questions, please contact astasoziales[at]hnee.de.

We would also like to point out that the strict criteria for reimbursement are contractually agreed with the VBB in this way and we must adhere to them.


For questions please contact the AStA at asta-soziales[ät]hnee.de .

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Impotant Documents

Application for refund or partial refund of the semester ticket fee