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Self-help bicycle workshop

Your bike has broken down again, but you don't want to invest a lot of money?

That's why there's a bicycle self-help workshop where you can repair your bike.

Bike repair

A team of volunteers is on hand to offer advice and support, along with a well-equipped workshop and a warehouse full of donated used spare parts. This is financed from the AStA budget and donations from visitors.

Rental bikes

The AStA provides rental bikes for exchange students. Here you can find out how to rent a bike. 


  1. Write an email to that you would like to borrow a bike. This should contain the following information:
    • time period of the loan 
    • your height
  2. You will receive an answer as soon as possible if a suitable bike is available and the rental contract. 
  3. transfer the rental fee (10 € basic fee + 2 € per month) and deposit (30 €) to the following account:
    • AStA HNEE; AStA HNEE; IBAN: DE40 1705 2000 3120 1897 22 
    •  (1 month: 42 €; 2 months: 44 €; 3 months: 46 €; 4 months: 48 €; 5 months: 50 €; 6 months: 52 €; ...; 12 months: 64 €) 
    • Send the completed contract, as well as a confirmation of payment to Alternatively, you can hand in the contract, the rental fee and the deposit to the HNEE post office. (City campus; mailbox at house 3). 
  4. You will receive the number code for your bike. It is ready to be picked up at the Forestcampus behind house 11 (coordinates: 52.825626, 13.810912). 


  • If your bike breaks down, you can use the bike workshop to repair it yourself.  
  • You can also inflate your bike outside opening hours.


  1. Go to the bicycle self-help workshop during opening hours. They will check if the bike is working properly. There you will get a confirmation if everything is OK with your bike. 2. 
  2. Bring your bike to the Forestcampus where you rented it at the beginning (coordinates: 52.825626, 13.810912). 
  3. If everything is OK with the rented bike, you will be refunded the deposit. This can be transferred to you or you can collect it from the AStA office (Citycampus Haus 4 via the fire stairs; Opening hours: Monday and Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.). 

Referents Self-help bicycle workshop

Tobi 24


M. Sc. Nachhaltige Regionalentwicklung

Siko 24


B. Sc. Landschaftsnutzung und Naturschutz



Ruhlaer Straße 7

16225 Eberswalde


Opening hours

>> Monday and thursday 4-7pm


Join in

The FSW is looking for bicycle wrenching enthusiasts to join our team.

Previous experience is not necessary. Get in touch with us!