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Forest Information Technology (M.Sc.)


Prof. Dr. Jan-Peter Mund

Co-Head of the study
programme in Eberswalde


Prof. Dr. MichaŇā Zasada

Co-Head of the study
programme in Warsaw


Use your chance to become a specialist for the application of information technologies in forestry and environment -‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč This is your passport to the future !

To the Faculty of Forest and Environment

The mission of Forest Information Technology (FIT) (M.Sc.) is to offer high level educational opportunities in the field of information technologies with a focus on forestry and environment related applications.

The programme is jointly developed, managed and accomplished by the University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde and the Warsaw University of Life Sciences ."

Information technology in forests and the environment - your way into the future!

Take your chance to become a specialist in the rapidly developing field of forest and environmental information technology.

News & Events

Information on the application period for FIT I Start of studies is the winter term 2023/24

Further information on the opening session and introductory week for our first semester master students will follow soon!


Autumn School finishes in good spirits!

The Autumn School at Hochschule f√ľr nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde with the Theme; Virtual Forest has successfully been completed as part of one of the Erasmus Plus Projects . Students from France, Spain, Brazil and Vietnam participated in this program. Participants acquired practical knowledge and experience in the use of LiDAR device and flying of drones to obtain terrestrial and point cloud data respectively.


Start of studies: Most welcome to the Faculty of Forest and Environment!

The introductory week (programme, click here) for the winter term 2022/23 starts on 26th September 2022 at the Forest Campus.

Further information on the opening session and introductory week for our first semester master students will follow soon!

All further information about the start of the study can be found under the following link

Best Presentation Award for FIT student Gulam Mohiuddin I Team member and research associate in the Build4People BMBF project.


The FIT team at HNEE congratulates Mr. Gulam Mohiuddin, FIT Student 6.Sem. for receiving the Best Presentation Award at International Conference on Remote Sensing for Urban Planning and Management ICRSUPM, Singapore in January 2022.

In Singapore, he presented an innovative topic about the ‚ÄúStatistical Relation between Vegetation Cover and Land Surface Temperature in Phnom Penh City‚ÄĚ. His research is part of the joint transdisciplinary Research project Build4people funded by BMBF and implemented in work package #4 at Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development and the Royal University of Agriculture in Phnom Penh.

The submitted paper and academic talk has been jointly prepared by Work Package #4 research associate Gulam Mohiuddin and the Work Package #4 team leader Prof Dr Jan Peter Mund. The presentation not only highlighted the outstanding approach of the study but as well the innovative concept of the Build4People project.

The FIT team congratulate him to his research quality and this international academic merit.

Asia-Pacific Forest Sector Outlook: Innovative Forestry for a Sustainable Future


On November 5th 2021 FAO and CIFOR, lead center of the Forests, Trees and Agroforestry research program (FTA) are giving the floor to young people to present their contributions on the use of innovative technologies for sustainable forestry! This event is part of the preparation by FAO and FTA of a roadmap on innovative technologies for sustainable forestry. The event will show case the results of this call and present a collection of papers that illustrate, in various contexts, the potential of innovative technologies to advance sustainable forestry and sustainable forest management.

At the event Forest Information Technology M.Sc. student Shahrukh Kamran will present his project DroNet: Development and testing of insect catching drones.


Introductory Course ,,Forest Ecology and Management''


After two intensive learning weeks (in the field and virtual) the new M.Sc. introductory module about ‚ÄěForest Ecology and Management‚ÄĚ has closed for the FST and FIT programme. The students also enjoyed the field trips to selected forest sites that were included in the module. All lecturers involved  are  very happy to have you in the FIT / FST Master programme this year.

GIS III and forestry Photogrammetry course in RogówI


Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS‚ÄďSGGW) just started with the GIS III and forestry Photogrammetry course in Rog√≥w. The students were very happy to have the opportunity to meet again! 

Image: M. Brach (WULS‚ÄďSGGW)

Student Research Colloquium

The Student Research Colloquium of the Forest Information Technology study program will take place online on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 of May. The programme with the presentation topics and times can be found HERE


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Astrid Schilling

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