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Student Research Projects 2015

Project Presentations Summer Semester 2015

Presenter / Title of Research Topic



Victor Akinbodunse:

"Detecting and mapping of vegetation dynamics in the area of Hobrechtsfelde" 

open/download (PDF, 981 KB)

Franziska Berg:

"An implementation of sympatric evolution and evolutionary stability of coexistence by relative nonlinearity of competition in Python"

open/download (PDF, 500 KB)

Rick Bruening:

"Developing of Python plugins for QGIS


open/download (PDF, 500 KB)

Arun Lamichhane:

"Evaluating the impacts of the community level forest management policies In the Kavre District, Nepal "

open/download (PDF, 1.430 KB)

Raphael Manu:

"Assessment of spatial patterns and relations between trees of Głuch├│w forest; exploring appropriate indices and methods" 

open/download (PDF, 2.664 KB)

Muhammad Naqaash:

"RFID application for TimbaTech"

open/download (PDF, 500 KB)

Moses Oloke:

"Validation of growth function in Brandenburg"

open/download (PDF, 500 KB)

Rodrigo Souto Vega:

"Modelling of habitat suitability of breeding birds of agricultural landscapes - Example of corn bunting, eurasian skylark and red-backed shrike"

open/download (PDF, 3.522 KB)

Elena Wenz:

"Modelling nutrient fluxes in southern England with the MONERIS model" 

open/download (PDF, 3.478 KB)