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Student Research Projects 2016

Project Presentations Summer Semester 2016

Presenter / Title of Research Topic

Agnes Bauer:

" Soil Repository — Determination of NDVI Thresholds for the Detection of Active Soils from Landsat Time Series"

open/download (PDF, 500 KB)

Manisha Devkota:

" Identification of Species with Optimum Land Use Planning for Enhancing Water A vailability to Sustain Livelihood in Chitwan-Annapurna Landscape (CHAL), Nepal"

open/download (PDF 1,352 KB)

Angel Naya Geiger:

" Determination of Electrification Expansion in Rural Areas Using Routing Algorithms in R"

open/download (PDF 1,367 KB)

Stuart Krause:

" UAV Workflow Optimization for the Acquisition of High Quality Photogrammetric Point Clouds in Forestry"

open/download (PDF 5,245 KB)

Katharina Kuhlmey:

" Detection of Development Trends in the National Forest Inventory Data for WEHAM- Forest Development and Timber Resource Modeling"

open/download (PDF 1,046 KB)

Christopher Lindenberg:

" A Statistical Approach of Flora Species Differentiation via Hyperspectral Remote Sensing"

open/download (PDF 1,782 KB)

Chandrabali Karmakar:

" Quillow Bird Monitoring Information System"

open/download (PDF 807 KB)

Kathrin Müller-Rees:

" Process Optimization by Implementing Transaction Processing Systems with Microsoft Excel Macros - An Adaptable Approach for the NatCatSERVICE of Munich Re"

open/download (PDF, 662 KB)