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Caroline Meier


Research Fellow

M.A. International Relations

M.Sc. Sport Management

Phone:    +49.3334.657.510

E-mail:     caroline.meier@hnee.de

Research interest

I want to understand the roots, causes and mechanisms that engender the great challenges of our age such as social injustice, environmental destruction, and inequality – and to contribute to their confrontation. Therefore, I am committed to the study of cultural dimensions of society-nature relations. Here I am particularly interested in power relations within environmental initiatives and the link between community development and sustainability. My background in international relations with a specialisation in culture and politics in postcolonial contexts as well as my experience with environmental conflicts in the Global South help me in this endeavour.

In my PhD project, I investigate how international organisations allow for local knowledge to be heard and promoted beyond the local framework by the use of the example of the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere programme. The PhD project is localised in the critical thought school and within this, political ecology. Employing hermeneutics and critical discourse analysis, I explore the possibilities of local participation in global decision-making processes. I also look at the implementation of the global programme's goals at the local level (across all scales from the global to the local).

Curriculum vitae

11/ 2020 - now                          PhD Candidate and Research Fellow
Biosphere Reserves Institute

09/ 2018 - 08/ 2019                  M.A. International Relations (Culture and Politics)
Leiden University/ Netherlands

08/ 2017 - 05/ 2018                  Volunteer
NGO La Cuculmeca Jinotega/ Nicaragua

10/ 2014 - 08/ 2017                  Research assistant
Institute of Sport History/ Olympic Studies Centre at the German Sport University Cologne

10/ 2014 - 11/ 2016                   M.Sc. Sport Management
German Sport University Cologne

10/ 2010 - 08/ 2014                   B.A. Sport Management and Sport Communication
German Sport University Cologne                        

09/ 2012 - 03/ 2013                   Erasmus Student (Semester abroad)
Université Montpellier/ France


Meier, C. & Culpan, I. (2020). A Māori concept in a Pākehā world: biculturalism in health and physical education in the New Zealand curriculum. Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education11(3), 222-236. doi.org/10.1080/25742981.2020.1811129

Molzberger, A., Wassong, S., Meier, C. & Quanz, D. (2018). Abgestaubt und neu erforschbar. Die historischen Sammlungen der Deutschen Sporthochschule Köln – Band 2: Olympische Bewegung. Hellenthal: Sportverlag Strauß.

Meier, C. (2017). The early relationship between UNESCO and the IOC: Considerations – Controversies – Cooperation. Diagoras. International Academic Journal on Olympic Studies, 1(1), 229-248.

Wassong, S., Molzberger, A., & Meier, C. (2017). Destination Olympia. The Archeological Site and Olympic Studies from the Perspective of the German Sport University Cologne. Köln: VDS- Verlagsdruckerei Schmidt.

Culpan, I., Meier, C. (2016). Sport and the Political Economy: Considerations for Enhancing the Human Condition. Athens Journal of Sports, 3 (2), 143-154.

Molzberger, A., Meier, C., Wassong, S., Schiffer, H., GĂ¶ĂŸnitzer, U. (2014). Abgestaubt und neu erforschbar: die historischen Sammlungen der Deutschen Sporthochschule Köln. Band 1 – PersonennachlĂ€sse. S. Wassong, A. Molzberger & H. Schiffer (Eds.). Schriftenreihe der Zentralbibliothek der Sportwissenschaften der Deutschen Sporthochschule Köln (1st ed.). Köln: Sportverlag Strauß.

Conference contributions

Meier, C. (2016). Colloquium Contribution: “Olympic Education.” 2nd International Colloquium of Olympic Studies Centres and Research Centres, PUCRS, Porto Alegre/ Brazil.

Culpan, I., Meier, C. (2015). Conference Contribution: “Sport and the Political Economy: Considerations for Enhancing the Human Condition.” 15th ATINER Conference, Athens/ Greece.

International Teaching Activities

09/ 2015                                 M.A. Olympic Studies, International Olympic Academy, Olympia/ Greece

05/ 2015                                 Workshop facilitation on Olympic Education, University of Johannesburg/ South Africa

03/ 2015 – 09/ 2016               International Sport Management
                                               Seminar at NIFISA, Kanoya/ Japan

Master theses

M.A. Thesis (2019): The Sparks that Started the Fire – Environmental Protests against the Wildfire in the Biosphere Indio-Maíz, Nicaragua in April 2018

M.Sc. Thesis (2016): The Early Positioning of UNESCO in Sport and Physical Education: Considerations – Controversies – Cooperation (Award for Young Academics)