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Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

About the Research Centre [Sustainability - Transformation - Transfer]

The [Sustainability - Transformation - Transfer] Research Centre focuses on practically oriented sustainability research. Our vision is to provide impetus for sustainable development in the private sector, the political realm and civil society that can be used both in theory and practice. To this end, we aim to create a visible point of contact for researchers and practitioners on a theoretical-conceptual and empirical-analytical basis to support sustainability transfer and transformation projects. We want to establish transfer spaces for dialogue between practitioners and researchers to explore content-related, strategic and normative aspects of sustainable development. This includes inspiring formats for interaction, practically oriented projects and experiments as well as empirical-analytical research on how to put sustainability transfer into practise.

Our activities help to identify and harness the potential of sustainability transfer in teaching, research and third mission at the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development. In this way, the Research Centre supports the HNEE’s transfer strategy and reinforces the HNEE’s research priorities: 1) Sustainable rural development, 2) Sustainable production and use of natural materials and 3) Sustainable management of limited resources.


The Research Centre aims to provide a scientific basis for the concept of sustainability transfer and to further define this concept. This will enable the HNEE to play even more effectively to its strengths as a university of applied sciences with close links to practice for solving sustainability problems and developing model solutions in society.  Existing approaches of the HNEE can be made visible, further defined and pooled. The Research Centre also shows how these specific steps can be integrated into the context of sustainability transformation and what impetus they can provide for transformation research.

Specific goals are formulated for this purpose.