Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde


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Using a wireless LAN (WLAN = Wireless Network) you work wirelessly with your mobile devices in the campus network. We have access points installed which use the 802.11a / b / g / n standard. There are two WLANs available:

  • eduroam (for members of HNEE university and other eduroam network universities, WPA2 encryption, login necessary, for Internet and S-and P-Drive)
  • HNEE guest (for guests, without encryption,confirmation of user regulations required, for Internet)

Watch out!       

-> On unecrypted websites passwords could be intercepted. Please use https://-Websites only.

-> We recommend to use eduroam as standard network. Once it is set up you can use at other universities as well.

-> All former networks will not be available and should not be used anymore (HNEE campus, HNEE.de only, HNEE pc1, HNEE pc2, HNEE pc3)


Standard connection for students and staff of HNEE

Setup summarydownload WLAN setup programme at https://cat.eduroam.org (choose the university you are registered to).

Little helpers for installation:

Required:  username +  @hnee.de (eg. abc123@hnee.de) and password.

Caution: If the realm @hnee.de does not work, please try the realm @fh-eberswalde (eg. abc123@fh-eberswalde.de)

Encryption: WPA2 AES

For guests of other universities, which are member of eduroam network

Search for WLAN eduroam and connect with the login credentials of your university.

HNEE guest

For guests / guest lecturers of HNE Eberswalde

Setup summary: Connect easily with guest HNEE. Start a web browser and open any web page (if possible the IE. Popup Windows must be activated. A message about an insecure dummy certificate can be ignored.). You will see a login page. After logging in click  "Continue Browsing" and you will be passed over to the desired site.

Required: login name / username and password; First, open a web page

Login name and password, please contact HNEE employees or the IT service personnel.

What's working: HNEE Server (including shared folders when a Windows account is used), E-mail, internet, VPN (external), and many other services (SSH, FTP, etc.) without HNEE account. There is an automatic logout after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Safety Information: You should enter passwords at encrypted sites only (Indicated by the URL that starts with https: // ).

For lecturers and staff laptops installed and managed by us, may have access to the WLAN via the SSID's HNEE PC1 ... PC3 , These require no log-on, but always work like a wire-connected PC in our network,