Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Offers for students and employees


Cloud storage service at HNEE

Most cloud services in the internet are controversial, as they usually store content on servers oversea (e.g. dropbox). As an alternative we offer you an in-house storage service for your data: NextCloud. You can access it from anywhere via internet but it is savely stored at servers within the HNEE.


Lending software and technical equipment

The university lends Notebooks, dictaphones, audio-transcription-software and statistics-software to students for the purpose of study needs. An overview of currently available devices and software you find here.

Microsoft Office 365 for students and employees

The University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde (HNEE) offers all students to download Microsoft Office 365 (2016) from our Office portal for free. It contains following programmes:


Microsoft Office 365 can be installed on PC or Mac, Tablet and Smartphone (5 times on each device type). It is important to know, that you can use these programmes only as long as you are enrolled or in contract with this university!

For downloading Office 365 you first need access to the download-portal provided by Microsoft. For this purpose we have to pass on some of your data to the portal, that is to say: your first name, last name, business number, address of university and a password hash. So if you want to download Office 365 please give us your agreement to this in Emma+ by clicking >MyEmma >Personal data and then in the field Office365 select the value "ja, ich stimme zu". If you keep the preselected value "nein, ich stimme nicht zu", no data will be forwarded but you are not allowed to use the download-portal. Employees instead should write an email to itsz@hnee.de.

After you have been successfully activated you will receive an email from HNE_Office365@hnee.de containing further information. Please do not answer to this email, because it is automatically generated. Note: If you will not have received this email within 48 hours please contact itsz@hnee.de. You will be supported from 7 am – 4 pm, not at weekend or public holiday.

Instruction for Office365Portal (de/eng).pdf


The University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde (HNEE) owns a campus-licence for the powerful software "Citavi - Reference Management and Knowledge Organization". Employees and students of this university can use this programme for their study, teaching and research, both at university and at home. 

How do I receive Citavi?

1. Install Citavi Free at your work place
You can download the free version "Citavi Free" here: http://www.citavi.com/en/download
Technical informationen about the installation: http://www.citavi.com/installation

2.Demand your licence key (free of charge) here: http://www.citavi.com/FH-eberswalde
Important: Please enter the email-address of the HNEE (e.g. Hans.Test@hnee.de). Giving a private Freemai-address, such as web.de, gmx or gmail) will not work.

3. Enter your licence key in Citavi
You should receive an email from Citavi within 24 hours after your demand. The mail contains the licence key and an instruction how you enter the key in Citavi. Start Citavi Free and enter the key by following the given instructions. If successfully completed your free version will be upgraded to a pro-version. This is valid as long the campus licence continues. You are allowed to install Citavi on two computers (at work or at home) or on a USB-Stick.

Good to know

Animated instruction for many programme functions: www.citavi.com/tipps
Frequently asked questions: www.citavi.com/faq
Discussion forum: www.citavi.com/forum

Founding a student initiative 

The IT-Service Centre supports students of HNE Eberswalde, who want to join forces in an initiative group. On demand, they receive an extra E-Mail-Account and a website in the area of Active groups for better communication with and within the group.

Please apply for it by filling in this form. Therein supply the basic idea of your initiative and its relation to the university. Please also fill in the contact data of the group members (at least six).

Forward the completed form to the Hochschulkommikation. After that in agreement with the initiative group and responsible departments the

  • E-Mail-Account will be created by the IT-Service-Centre ITSZ and
  • the website will be created by the web editors (webredaktion@hnee.de)

For further questions please ask johanna.koehle@hnee.de

External Offers

Links to vendors with special offers for students and employees at universities:




Die Konditionen und Auswahl sind alleinige Angelegenheit der Anbieter. Das IT-Servicezentrum der HNE Eberswalde hat keinerlei Einfluss darauf und verfügt auch nicht über die geschäftlichen Verbindungen zu den Firmen. Dieses Listing stellt kein Bewertungssystem für Anbieter mit Rabatten für den Bereich Lehre und Forschung dar. Please be aware, that there are other offers, which are even cheaper than these special offers for students and university employees!