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CAB Direct is an extensive English-language database for applied natural sciences with over 12 million data records.
It contains bibliographic data and full texts on the applied scientific disciplines of agriculture, veterinary medicine, human medicine and related disciplines.

CAB Direct

The Web of Science (formerly: Web of Knowledge) enables parallel and interdisciplinary research in an extensive database offering under one search interface (CrossSearch).

Web of Science

SpringerLink offers full-text access to Springer Verlag journals.


Statista bundles statistical data on more than 80,000 topics from more than 22,500 sources.


WISO is the university offer of GBI-Genios. WISO offers 18 million references from the fields of economics, social sciences, psychology, law and technology.


UMWELTdigital contains laws, ordinances, administrative regulations and technical rules of German and European environmental law in the fields of waste management, general environmental law, chemicals and hazardous substances, energy management, water protection, immission control, soil and nature conservation, radiation protection, consumer protection.


The Database Information System (DBIS) is a cooperative service for the use of scientific databases. DBIS lists databases whose contents can be searched using a search function.