Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Sustainability Management at the HNEE

Below are just some aspects of the sustainability management of the University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde

  • the motto of the HNEE is "With nature for humans"
  • the HNEE has - besides its existing environmental principles - set up sustainability principles which were adopted by the uni senate in February 2013. These principles are the basis for the general development of the HNEE.
  • the HNEE has a mandatory lecture for all first semester Bachelor students called "With nature for humans - Introduction to sustainable development"
  • the HNEE was voted the Greenest University of Germany in 2009 and the second greenest in 2010 and 2011 in the Germany-wide survey by Utopia.de
  • the HNEE has a democratic institution called the "Round Table on Sustainable Development" which meets once or twice per semester and where everybody of the university (staff, teachers, students,...) is invited to discuss about sustainable development at the HNEE and to help developing the HNEE further in terms of sustainability
  • the real work on topics is, however, delegated from the Round Table to several working groups. At the moment there are ones on mobility, on food/cafeteria, on the HNEE's sustainability principles, on PhD and a scientific career at the HNEE and about social aspects of sustainability. 
  • the HNEE has for example own solar panels that produce electricity (like on house 11)
  • since 2012, 100% of the additional electricity, which has to be bought, is certified green electricity
  • the HNEE's heat comes from renewable wood from nearby forests which is partly pulled out of the forest by special horses
  • and the HNEE only uses recycled paper
  • the HNEE is on its way to become carbon-neutral, that means it plans to compensate all of its CO2 emissions either with own projects as with its bog projects, its biochar project and its project on short rotation coppice or through projects elsewhere