Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Mission Statement

The University of Applied Sciences in Eberswalde considers itself a democratic and cosmopolitan university. We guarantee the constitutionally anchored freedom of science, research, and teaching, and we uphold the multiplicity of opinions and methods within the framework of the constitution. We are dedicated to the goal of a need-based education oriented towards the future at the forefront of theory and practice while paying attention to the principles of economic sustainability.

Responsibility in our society

On the basis of a democratic and just state, the university stands for cultural tolerance, solidarity and the social responsibility of science and technology. Our mission to fulfil the tasks of education and to maintain applied research is based upon the demands of science and the needs of society. Through the creative and critical realisation of this mission we contribute to economic, technical, social and cultural progress as well as to the future of the individual and society as a whole.

Tradition and innovation

The innovative developmental potential of the university arises from its integration of local academic traditions into the modern development of science. In the cooperation of the faculties we see an important creative means to develop the university. Its interdisciplinary character is a central guideline of its activities.

With nature for mankind

Teaching and research are devoted to the comprehensive aim of future sustainability consisting of a unity of ecology, the economy and social responsibility. The maintenance of the diversity of nature and its use is, in our view, no contradiction.

Complex activities through cooperation

We implement the principle of global responsibility in local activities using application related research in cooperation with partners in business, politics, the administration and science as well as with ever growing exchange programmes and cooperation with foreign universities and institutions. To this we add an awareness of our own political responsibility to the community. Teaching, research and applications are human activities undertaken for humans. Personal development, interdisciplinary openness, collegial cooperation, awareness of one’s responsibility, and the ability to communicate, to judge and to be critical are indispensable to us. It is essential for the internal composition and culture of the university to observe the equal rights of the genders and to involve students and staff members in the decision making processes and in the transparency of administrational activities.