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Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Organizational Development Officer

The organizational development officer works in affiliation with the chancellor. She*/He* is in charge of managing and controlling digital development projects at the intersection of the university's administration and academia. This includes but is not limited to projects and processes that work towards a service-oriented and legally secure university administration.

Work Areas

  • Organizational and operational processes
    • Continue to drive development of the operational process management system
    • Establish a process map for the university's administrative departments
    • Cross-departmental and cross-faculty process deployment and optimization
  • Change management
    • Assess needs and build internal process expertise for the departments
    • Management of cross-departmental and cross-faculty projects
  • E-Governance and administrative modernisation
    • Strategic alignment of the campus management system
    • Prioritzing the administration's digital development alongside the organizational process approach
    • Integration of law and compliance requirements for digitizing universities

Examples of Implementation Projects and Tasks

  • Development of system maps for specialized software applications
  • Introduction of an employee badge
  • Development of standards for document templates

Jasmin Timm-Erber

Organizational development officer

Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development

Schicklerstraße 5 16225 Eberswalde

+49(0) 3334 / 657-459


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