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Current information

The Deutschlandticket is here!

As announced in the administration newsletter, the Deutschlandticket (info on this, from the VBB and the BBG - only german language) is now available for subscription. The university management has supplemented the existing contract for the company ticket here, so that we can now also offer you the Deutschlandticket Job at discounted conditions. So in the future you can choose between the Deutschlandticket and the company ticket.

Screenshot Dt.-Ticket - Kostenübersicht

Price status 01 May 2023

What do you have to do now?

   1. You already have a company ticket and want to switch to the Deutschlandticket?

Please show your fare change until 10.04.2023 at the BBG. Since the site is unfortunately only accessible in German, ask someone for help if necessary. Here you will also find a short FAQ catalog. The BBG will then change your ticket to the new Deutschlandticket Job. You can also change to the Deutschlandticket at any time later, but please note that the deadline for this is always the 10th of the previous month! Please also indicate the change by sending us a short e-mail so that we are informed about your company ticket status (briefly and informally by e-mail to Thank you!

    2. You already have a company ticket and want to keep it?

In this case you don't have to do anything and everything stays as it is.

    3. You don't have a company ticket yet and would like to have one now (Deutschlandticket Job OR company ticket)?

If you do not yet have a ticket, you can change this at any time. To do so, simply fill out the form (Bestellschein-Firmenticket-Deutschlandticket-Job ) and, if necessary, send it to us together with a passport photo (only for company tickets). We will then process this and arrange for the subsidy to be paid. Finally, we send the entire documentation to the BBG, which then issues the ticket and sends it to you. Since the BBG always has the 10th of the previous month as the deadline, we need the documents by the 3rd of the previous month in order to complete everything in time.

Illness notification

For your information, you will find the instructions for reporting sick here; this applies to other and academic staff regardless of status and also to third-party funded staff. Professorial staff must also report sick to the Human Resources Department, but it would certainly make sense to involve the Dean's Office here in order to organize teaching substitutes if necessary.

a) Own disease:

Before entering service:

  • In principle, report to your superior and the HR department ( first thing in the morning with the following information:

    • According to your own initial assessment, how long have you been ill? If necessary, this information can be adjusted after consulting a doctor. Nevertheless, it is important and helpful for substitution planning if you can already provide an initial rough estimate yourself.

    • Are there any tasks or appointments that need to be dealt with in your absence? Your superior may also have questions about this, which you should - if possible - record and clarify.

    •     Please remember to call in an absence assistant and, if necessary, to have your telephone switched over.

  • Without a certificate of incapacity for work, you can report sick for a maximum of 3 calendar days (not working days, the weekend and free part-time days count here!).

  • The sick certificate is now sent electronically by the doctor to the health insurance company and the HR department digitally asks for your certificate on a regular basis. Currently, there are still and again disruptions here, so that this process can unfortunately drag on. We ask for your understanding here, as unfortunately we cannot change anything about this new process either!


      during the service / work:

  • for employees participating in time recording:
    • within the framework working hours (09.30 to 12.00) -> report to superior and HR, if necessary brief handover of pending tasks & appointments. The day is considered a sick day.
    • outside the framework working hours (after 12.00 o'clock) -> report to superior person, personnel department can also be informed on the following day if the AU persists. This day does not count as a sick day.
  • for employees who do not participate in time recording (usually academic staff and third-party employees): Notification to supervisor, HR may also be notified on the following day if the incapacity to work persists. This day does not count as a sick day.

b) illness of the child:

  • As soon as this is foreseeable, the report is made to the superior person and the personnel department.
  • Handing over of the tasks & upcoming appointments to the superior person should take place (absence note and if necessary have the telephone changed).
  • Transmission of the "child sickness certificate" (issued by the pediatrician) to the personnel department.
  • Attention: A notification of incapacity to work on one's own behalf without a sick bill for up to 3 calendar days in the case of illness of a child is not possible and constitutes continued payment fraud!

c) Illness on vacation / floating day:

  • Immediate report to the personnel department, if necessary also to the superior.
  • A doctor must be consulted, as a sick bill is required; no waiting days can be claimed in this case.
  • Prompt transmission of the sick bill to the personnel department, then a credit of the recreational leave takes place.
  • If the incapacity to work extends beyond the vacation, it is of course necessary to inform the superior and to clarify the pending work and appointments.
  • Please note: Floating days are not recreational leave and cannot be credited in the event of illness! The hours are then forfeited. There is case law on this which the personnel departments must follow.

Vacation / Time off

Vacation is booked for all status groups via the HIS QIS system! Please note that you first book the remaining leave ("Resturlaub") and then use the recreational leave ("Erholungsurlaub").

For personnel employed under collective bargaining agreements, I would like to refer to the regulations of the collective bargaining agreement: The collective bargaining agreement (TV-L) provides for vacation and time off under Section IV. The following types of leave/exemption are regulated here:

  • acc. to § 26 TV-L the recreational leave: This is the known annual leave, which amounts to 30 days for a 5-day week.
  • according to § 27 TV-L the additional leave: This concerns leave in case of alternating shift or shift work or night work. In addition, reference is made to the state law regulations for civil servants.
  • Pursuant to § 28 TV-L, special leave: A leave of absence for an important reason over a longer period of time without pay is regulated here.
  • According to § 29 TV-L, leave from work: Leave from work (with and without pay) is understood to mean leave for special situations, e.g. relocation for official reasons or death of a spouse. Under subsection 3, leave from work may be granted here in urgent other cases. These are individual cases that are subject to discretion and are also examined as individual cases. It is therefore not possible to make a general statement in this regard.

Sabbaticals (forms of part-time work) and educational leaves (more information) as well as possibilities offered by the Family Care Leave Act are to be distinguished from this once again.

If you have a short- or long-term planned need for time off (e.g. acute care situation or a longer sabbatical), please contact the HR department as soon as possible so that we can find a suitable solution for you!

For civil servants, I refer you to the statutory regulations in the Recreational Leave and Civil Service Leave Ordinance and the Ordinance on Working Hours for Civil Servants in the State of Brandenburg. Here, too, similar regulations can be found as in the collective bargaining sector! For professorial staff, theregulations in the Brandenburg Higher Education Act, in particular § 44, must also be observed.


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