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Development of guitars free of tropical woods by using a modification process to upgrade native woods​​​​​​​ (Swabian Rio rosewood)​​​​​​​

Subproject: Process development of the modification process

The aim of the joint project (KF project) is to develop (classical) guitars free of tropical wood in a separate series. For this purpose, the process for the production of thermally modified domestic woods is being further developed to meet the special requirements of musical instrument making and, at this point, especially of plucked instrument making. A new range of thermally modified woods will be made available which, unlike previous ranges for exterior or flooring applications, will acquire the specific properties of musical instrument woods.

The performance of thermally modified woods commonly used to date has been designed for maximum biological durability and resistance to weathering. Both are objectives that are irrelevant for musical instruments. Here, the focus is rather on questions concerning the sound requirements and the dimensional stability of the different components (top, good vibration, very low internal damping, back and sides very good sound-reflecting and amplifying, neck and fingerboard with high dimensional stability, all components in tropical-wood-like coloring).

From April 5 to 8, 2017, in cooperation with Reinhardt Best Acoustics GmbH, the guitars made entirely of local tonewoods and the new process were presented at the Frankfurt Music Fair. About the press release of HNEE and Reinhardt GmbH.

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Research project partner


Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) via Central Innovation Programme for SME (ZIM)

Funding code: KF2122220CK4

Project duration: 01.07.2014 – 30.09.2016

funded by:

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Head of project and contact person

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Pfriem (

Lothar Clauder M.Sc. (