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Discussion Paper Series ‘Sustainability Transformation and Transfer’


In close cooperation with HNEE`s university library, the research center has launched a discussion paper series entitled ‘Nachhaltigkeitstransformation & Nachhaltigkeitstransfer’(‘Sustainability Transformation and Transfer’). The discussion paper series is a medium for the timely publication of current research results, practical reports, and theoretical or conceptual considerations relating to sustainability transformation and sustainability transfer. We cordially invite established researchers as well as young scientists and students to publish via this series. In order to ensure a broad dissemination and high visibility, the series is published under an open access license and each volume is provided its own DOI. A review process ensures professional quality assurance. Contributions in either German or English language are highly welcome. If you are interested in publishing or reviewing a paper, please contact: Dr. Thomas Göttert.

So far, the following papers have been published:


No 01: Göttert T, König B, Nölting B, Roose I, unter Mitarbeit von Crewett W, Demele U, Fritz H (2022)


No 02: Roose I, Nölting B, König B, Demele U, Crewett W, Georgiev G, Göttert T, unter Mitarbeit von Hobelsberger C (2022)


No 03: König B, Nölting B, Crewett W, Demele U (2022)


No 04: Gutsohn A, Selleneit T, König B, Nölting B (2022)


No 05: Gutsohn A, Wiemers H, König B, Nölting B (2022)


No 06: Selleneit T, Verdugo-Raab D, Kipp S, Sprenger D, König B (2022)


No 07: Stahl JK, König B, Gutsohn A (2023)

8 No 08: Currie B, Göttert T (2023)


No 9: Göttert T, Hobelsberger C, König B, Nölting N, Roose I (2023)


No 10: Gutsohn A, Hahnle M, König B, Nölting B (2023)


No 11: Göttert T, Currie B, Backa V, Feldenz L, Klaver M, Markides Y, Munting E, Rolfes O (2023)


No 12: Weinberger R, König B, Nölting B, Gutsohn A (2024)


No 13: Luley H, unter Mitarbeit von Göttert T (2024)


No 14: Searles K, Di Terlizzi H, Ulrich M, Knopf J, unter Mitarbeit von Markow J (2024)


No 15: Schultz U, Zeidler M, Feldenz L, Göttert T, unter Mitarbeit von Guth M, Meister A, Mersmann-Münster R (2024)