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Studying in times of COVID-19

Despite the corona crisis, the Master's programme "Sustainable Tourism Management" continued to run online without interruption during the summer semester. Check out the latest news from the degree programme further below.  The one or other technical challenge was linked due the rapid conversion of the attendance teaching to a digital implementation, but all modules were successfully completed online and even additional courses such as two "Corona Tourism Forums" were offered digitally!

The tourism industry is strongly affected by the corona crisis, but at the same time it shows how important sustainability is for the future development of tourism. Why it is worthwhile to study Sustainable Tourism Management at the HNEE despite or even because of the corona crisis, is explained by the head of the study programme Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Strasdas in the statement "Study sustainable tourism management! Even in corona times?. 

We are very much looking forward to welcome the new NTM students in the coming winter semester! 

At this point we can not yet say what the teaching will look like in the winter semester 2020/2021. However, we assume that the courses will probably have to take place partially or completely online. Since it is very important to us to welcome the freshmen personally, we are aiming to get to know them in person in Eberswalde in the calendar week before the lectures start on October 5, 2020. We will publish further information here as soon as it is available. Until then we remain with best regards and wish you a pleasant summer time!


Stay up to date with the Instagram Account of the Sustainable Tourism Management course.

News from the degree programme

The HNEE invites online to the university information days!

As this year's "Open House Day" has to be cancelled due to Corona, all departments have joined forces in the last few weeks and created a wonderful university information website together with the IT department. During the university information days from 23 to 26 June, interested students can get a first impression of the courses offered by the HNEE online. The Master's programme "Sustainable Tourism Management" will be presented in detail online on Thursday, 26 June at 3 pm. Those who would like to test their knowledge of sustainable tourism in advance will find a quiz from the Master's programme on the HIT-Website and here (in German only). 


Corona Forum Tourism

In the already second "Corona Forum Tourism" our students could again address their questions about the current situation and development. In the form of short statements, the professors Prof. Dr. Hartmut Rein, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Strasdas and Hon. Prof. Dr. Nicole Häusler conveyed their current knowledge on the Covid-19 situation and how it affects the tourism industry, the acceptance of tourism and climate protection.

Prof. Dr. Häusler also focused on developments in developing and emerging countries. Afterwards, the students discussed with the lecturers various aspects of the Corona pandemic and their perspectives for sustainability.

It is a fact that the corona-induced standstill represents a great challenge for the tourism industry, but at the same time it also shows the importance of the tourism sector worldwide. It remains exciting to see to what extent the corona pandemic and its effects will be perceived in the future as an impulse for sustainable changes in the tourism industry and how it will influence our future travel behaviour. 

Glad when some keeps staying.

Even during the Corona crisis it was still possible to keep a well-known tradition of NTM study alive. The annual Destination Simulation Game was as successful as the years before, even as an online event. During a two-day online simulation, students learned how a destination can develop over the years.

The students were assigned among different tourism service providers such as hotels, tourism organisations, mountain railways or event organisers and faced the challenge of taking economically relevant decisions for the respective companies. The Swiss instructors Roland Lymann and Urs Wagenseil supported the students as game leaders and helped them with the analysis of key business figures.

We are looking forward to welcoming them back to Eberswalde next year and thank them for the flexible online lecture.


The Destination Simulation Game 2020. First time from home

We're continuing to teach!

The Corona crisis has the world in its grip and the university has to suspend its classroom teaching for the time being. Since everyone's health takes first priority, it is only natural that students should follow "social distancing". But lecture cancellation is out of the question and so the desks at home are transformed into a new lecture hall. 

With the help of various online tools, students and professors can organise themselves perfectly. Lectures, presentations, group work and academic achievements are made possible even in these unusual times. Everyone is highly motivated and flexible, so that the scheduled lectures can be well held. 

Green graduate caps and beaming faces!

On Tuesday, 25th February 2020 the time had come again. Full of pride and joy we were allowed to say goodbye to three new graduates.

Ramzi Yakoub, Lisa Reichelt and Mara Tillmann successfully defended their master theses. They celebrated their graduation with beaming faces and our typical green graduate caps . 

We congratulate them and wish them much success and all the best for the future.


From left to right: Lisa Reichelt and Ramzi Yakoub 

Welcome to HNEE!

The orientation week for first semester students began on Monday, 23/09/2019. We would also like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome them!

It was a great pleasure to personally meet 32 students, who all contribute interesting professional and academic backgrounds.

From those who have completed typical business administration and tourism management degrees to geographers and ethnologists; also this year our students boast an interdisciplinary mix of academic backgrounds.

After a guided tour of Eberswalde and the traditional enrolment celebration on Thursday, there is also a tourism-related guided tour of Berlin on Friday that concludes with a discussion on the German national tourism strategy in 2020 in the German Bundestag.

We are looking forward to joint activities with the 2019 NTM intake!


Some of the 2019 NTM intake discovered Eberswalde on a guided tour, which started on our campus.

Alumni forum attended by top-class visitors

On Friday, 6th September, the alumni forum for the “Sustainable Tourism Management” Master’s study programme was held.

At this happy reunion, not only alumni from the same and different year groups met up but also top-class representatives of the tourism sector from local to national level took part in a lively discussion.

For example, the representatives included Dirk Dunkelberg of the Deutscher Tourismusverband (DTV - German tourism association), Olaf Schlieper from the Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus (DZT - German National Tourist Board) and Peter Krause from the Landestourismusverband Brandenburg (Brandenburg tourism association).

In this way, students, university applicants, lecturers and alumni got talking to each other.

Particular thanks go to our alumni, such as Dr Jan Behrens (Brandenburg Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy), Lynn Ciminski (tourism cluster management in Brandenburg), Juliane Frank (Tourismusverband Dahme-Heideseen - tourism association for the Dahme Heide lakes), Petra Beck (Chamäleon Foundation) and many more who actively contributed to our event.

Diskussionsrunde Alumni-Forum

From left to right:

Peter Krause (LTV BB), Olaf Schlieper (DZT), Dirk Dunkelberg (DTV), Petra Beck (Chamäleon Foundation), Jutta Albert (Tourismus und Stadtmarketing Husum), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Strasdas (HNEE)

European IFITT Masterclass on eTourism in September in Vienna

Between 2nd and 6th September, the International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism (IFITT) gave a course for Master’s students from around the world at the Modul University in Vienna. As part of the course, various topics around the usage and impact of information and communication technology on tourism were presented and discussed. Prof. Brözel presented the topic, “How to think like a future tourism manager and researcher?” The “EIFMeT” is held every year in a different country. Last year, HNE Eberswalde was the host for the master class and we were thrilled that 33 students from 14 countries participated. You can find the 2018 presentations by all the international professors here. Also this year, participants were able to enjoy an international mix of students and lecturers.

Find out more here 

Flyer for 2019 IFITT master class 

EIFMet 2019

Participants of the EIFMet 2019 in Vienna

Projects in “AMM” module successfully passed

All student group work in the current summer semester in the context of the “applied marketing management” (AMM) module was completed in practical projects with external partners.

In this regard, the students could select from the projects: “Let's Talk”, “Move On”, “Plastic Free Hotel” and “Moving Picture”. Our partners were Wangerland Touristik GmbH, Tourismuszentrale Rügen Gesellschaft für Marketing und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit mbH, Hotelverband Deutschland (IHA - German hotel association) and Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNEE).

Find out more Link here


The Move-On project came from a cooperation with the Tourismuszentrale Rügen Gesellschaft für Marketing und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit mbH.

Majorca without flying!

This year, NTM lecturer Dr. Wolfgang Strasdas did not fly to this year’s department field trip despite it being in Majorca.

You can read how his journey went and what experiences he had in his detailed report.

Find out more here

© HNEE Wolfgang Strasdas

On the way to the ferry from Toulon to Alcúdia: Over ten hours on the blue Mediterranean Sea, which is surprisingly large and wide. There was no land in sight for hours.

“Cake against climate change”

The NTM degree programme presented itself with a stand at this year’s HNEE open day in Eberswalde on 15.06.2019.
 Some students informed interested visitors about the degree programme and sold cake and cold drinks.
 With the help of the sale, the degree programme was able to finance a portion of the Co2 compensation for the flights for this year’s department field trip to Majorca.

Tag der offenen Tür

The NTM Master’s study programme presents itself at this year’s HNE Eberswalde open day.

Future Party Lab #1 - Impuls lab

The Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development and the Centre for Sustainable Tourism (ZENAT) are supporting the “Clubtopia” project in the “Future Party Lab” innovation lab.
 On Wednesday, 12th June 2019, BUND Berlin, clubliebe e.V. and the Clubcommission invited interested parties to develop innovative concepts.
 Design thinking labs and workshops were held that were intended to generate specifically implementable solutions in order to make the club scene more sustainable and climate friendly.

Find out more about the project here 

Future Party Lab 2019

Students of the 18th round of matriculation participated in the 2019 Future Party Lab in the context of the “Cultural Tourism and Sustainability” module.

Press releases

In times of Friday for Future, flight shame and controversial political discussions about strategies to protect the climate, the professors and students of the Master's programme in Sustainable Tourism Management are sought-after interview partners for press and radio. Here you can find some current examples:


Type of contribution 




Sustainability of tour operators

Online newspaper article


Prof. Brözel

Allgemeine Zeitung



Prof. Rein


Sustainable tourism (problems of long-distance and air travel)

Radio interview


Prof. Strasdas

Saarländischer Rundfunk (SR)

Sustainable tourism



Prof. Strasdas

Südwestecho, Ausgabe Nr. 163

Growing tourism

Television broadcast


Prof. Brözel


Sustainable tourism



Prof. Strasdas


Sustainable tourism



Prof. Rein

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger Magazin, Nr. 76




Prof. Brözel




Prof. Strasdas




Prof. Strasdas




September 2018


Travel One



Prof. Strasdas



Article on the occasion of the ITB 2018

Prof. Brözel