Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Laura  Danzeisen

Laura Danzeisen               

Research Fellow

M.Sc. Regional Development and Nature Conservation

Phone:    +49.3334.657.510

E-mail:     laura.danzeisen@hnee.de

Research interest

With a background in Environmental Sciences and Regional Development Studies, I have always been interested in analysing land use issues not only from an ecological but also social perspective. As biosphere reserves aim to act as model regions for sustainable land use, I want to explore the idea of them as bridging organisations that enable stakeholders and/or pilot project groups to test alternative land use methods.

Land use on organic soil and its associated ecosystems is of particular interest to me: Their importance as carbon sinks and biodiversity hotspots gain recognition in both science and politics. However, traditional land use on those soils still implicates drainage with all its known negative effects for climate protection, biodiversity and - in the long run - for agriculture.

In my PhD project, I want to analyse what role biosphere reserves can play in promoting innovative land use within their regions, with special focus on wet agriculture on organic soil.

The working title of my PhD project is "Alternative land use on organic soils within terrestrial biosphere reserves in Germany”.

Curriculum vitae

Since 10/2019   Research associate at the Biosphere Reserves Institute Eberswalde

2016-2019         Technical assistant, Project “Long-term monitoring in the National Park Lower Odra Valley” (HNEE)

2013-2016         M.Sc. Regional Development and Nature Conservation (HNEE)

2009-2013         B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences and (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg)

Internships/Student Assistant positions include i.a.:

2016: Student Assistant for Dr. Jana Chmieleski (HNEE), Student Assistant for Prof. Dr. Vera Luthardt (HNEE)

2015: Intern at the Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau

2013: Intern at Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Germany


Danzeisen, L., Lütkepohl, M., Brockmann, J. & V. Luthardt 2016: Der Wandel des Berufsfeldes der Schutzgebietsbetreuer und - betreuerinnen. Natur und Landschaft, 91 (11): 493-500.

Conference contributions

Chmieleski, J., Danzeisen, L. (2017): Riparian landscapes: Linking geodiversity with habitat and biodiversity. 19th EGU General Assembly, EGU2017, proceedings from the conference held 23-28 April, 2017 in Vienna, Austria., p.18049