Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Presidential Executive Committee

The university is led by the president. He is aided by three vice presidents.

Together with the four deans, the chancellor and the equal rights delegates, they compose the presidium that aids and advises the president and involves the Faculties in the decisions of the university.

Interim President

Ms. Prof. Dr. Heike Walk

Phone: +49 3334 657-151
Fax: +49 3334 657-300

Vice President for Study and Teaching

Deputy of the president, responsible for the development of study & teaching and leader of the central committee on the curiculum

Ms. Prof. Dr. Heike Walk
Phone: +49 3334 657-193


Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer

Head of the Technology and Innovation Consulting Office (TIB), cooperation with economy, administration and sciences as well as development of guidelines for the university's research Profile

Mr. Prof. Dr. Alexander Pfriem
Phone: +49 3334 657-377
Fax: +49 3334 657-125

Vice President for Student Interests

Students representative, member of the presidential executive committee

Felicitas Hasper